En Akt Partille Kulturhus 2019

Elin Alvemark and Anja Fredell En Akt at Partille Kulturhus

2 Febuary – 3 March 2019.

My work “Mother Leaf” is made of ceramic leafas heated in different degrees. Seewed onto the linnen canvas. The lines are sprayed onto the textile with graffitti paint. The methods blends into style and motive masculine and feminine, modernist and modern into where craft and art find output. Strict lines and hard materials. Traditional canvas. Yet? All craft. All street art? In the center of this the birth scenario. Probably the least documented drama of human life in relation to the importance it holds in all of our lifes. The woman holds the key role. Not the man. She is the creator of life in that instant moment. The urn symbolizes creativity – life and death.

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