Ensamstående Pappan Simrishamn 2014

A solo exhibition in relation to examination at Österlenskolan in Simrishamn 2015.

My work explored a deeper psychological bonding between child and father. The relationship that has interested me and held me facinated for the most of my life. I have never found any satisfactory writing on this relationship in any book by Anna Freud or Carl Gustav Jung or any other theoretical psychologist. I am looking especially for the relationship daughter – father. During the painting process I found image and discovered groundbreaking pictorial and emotional rooms.

Acrylic on canvas.

My mentor was painter Per Mølgaard.

Music 2015 1,8 x 1,3 m
Sammy!!! 1.8x 1,3 m
Sketching acrylic on paper 2014 pre studies.
Sketching pre studies acrylic on paper. 2014 monochronic.

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