Externalized GG Gallery

Extrenalized solo exhibition at Carlstein-Gasparaviciute Gallery in Malmö 2019.

From the exhibition catalouge text;

The starting point of the exhibition Externalized is the role of struggle in our lives. Elin Alvemark explores how craft itself can be used as an art to cope with mass-produced narratives and political conditions. In addition to studying the changing symbolism of the urn through (art) history, Alvemark seeks to find a place for the urn based on her own body, our era and its conditions.

In the repetitive movement of the working body and the gesture of physical creation, she molds urn after urn. Through the echo and the heat that burns the movement it reaches 1300 degrees in the ceramic process. This is where adaptation, failure and resolution is part of the work of fabricating an utopia. Dwelling in such wordlessness is to hang out with the shameful bodies; the mad, the embarrassing, the angry, the incompetent, the unswedish, the ignorant, the rejected, the uninvited, the unwanted, the un-married, the abnormal. The ones who refuse to be a diagnosis, a sexuality, a disease, a trait.

Review in Sydsvenska Dagbladet.

Sydsvenska Dagbladet Carolina Söderholm recension 2019 april.
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