Answers on a Postcard Sintra 2018

Sintra Answers on a Postcard 10 – 19 November 2018. Group Exhibition.

Participating: Elin Alvemark, Hannah Björkdahl, Magdalena Svensson, Renata Franscescon, Karin Granlöf, Marina Kawata, Elin Sundström, Malou Larsson, Alica Ramel.

Sending a postcard on the theme of Swedish craft, I sent a porslin print. This is of the sharp white linnen napkins of my fathers mother. Almost gothic in the pattern, I sensed a mutual ground in materiality and wanted to try if that reflective quality that textile holds could be translated to porslin. I also wanted to create an alternative idea of the grandmother memory and identity. My grandmother did not knit or enjoy handicraft. However she was a huge supporter of slöjd and swedish design work. She lived in Dalarna and educated me in Jobs print and Svenskt Tenn. This was also a part of her task while she lived withe her enginerhusband in Addisabeba. To her swedish craft was important.

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